A couple of Saturdays ago was the opening reception for the Cruisin’ Califas Art of Lowriding Exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art that Stephanie & I are a part of. We made our way into Oceanside Saturday afternoon and were able to shoot the show before the doors opened for the evening.

Our contribution to the exhibit.

Howard Gribble & Deadend Magazine’s Contribution. Legends.

Teen Angel ~ The Legend

Masterpieces Model Club ~ Armando & Ulises ~ Miniature Masters

Mister Cartoon & Mike Pickel in this shot. Two Art Masters.

Mike Pickel ~ The Legend.

The front of the museum was filled with Lowriders and Bombs.

A couple of people shots. DJ Rue from the Tribal Familia & C/S Project (L) &” Xavier the X Man” from Magic 92.5 (R).

The Espinoza brothers from Deadend Magazine and our new friend from Europe.

The exhibit is on display till the end of September. If you are in the LA/OC/SD area, it is a nice way to spend a couple of hours.