Here’s something a little different; we have a functional aspect of wheel fitment. Brendan invited me to the FSR track day,where he got the opportunity to run his car on the famous Fontana Speedway. In between runs, we decided that it would be cool to have a photo shoot at the track with Brendan’s and Tim’s Supras.

Brendan’s Supra, ill-equiped with a rear metal widebody and some 18×9.5 and 18×12 Work Equips.

An uncommon sight for a highly modified Supra is a naturally aspirated engine with an internal throttle body setup instead of the average 600 hp single turbo Supras. Why? Because Brendan loves the sound of an inline-six engine at full throttle and having a quick throttle response is a big plus for him when he’s on the track and taking on corners.

Keeping it simple with the interior, using a Nardi 330mm and some Recaro racing seats.

One of the iconic wheels from Work is the Equip Series, another shot of the wheel that makes Brendan’s Supra sporty, yet elegant.

The reason why this Supra’s nickname is LRG Soup, besides the fact that he orders his soup in the largest size, is because of his wide body. Brendan strives to be different with his ITB setup and this rear wide body. This wide body really sets him apart from the average car tuner and it definitely breaks necks wherever he goes.

Don’t be fooled by the table-sized wing; it definitely comes in handy on the track and keeps his rear grounded when he’s hitting 120mph.

Our next Supra belongs to Tim, who recently just got his car out of the paint shop.

Tim decided to paint his car Viper Red, which for me, provides so much eye appeal. The color looks amazing in person. Tim wanted the street look, with a hint of sporty since this is his daily to work.

Tim chose Enkei NT03 as his weapon of choice when battling traffic and rough roads. Strong wheels to use for a daily driven car.

When I first saw Brendan and Tim park their Supras next to each other, it was like seeing two unicorns kissing on top of a rainbow. Life just seemed clearer and I knew I had to do a photo shoot with them together. Thanks, Brendan and Tim, for giving me this opportunity to shoot your cars! Hope you enjoy the photos. Until next time!