The Cars of Formula D Japan

The first leg of Formula D Japan was held during the Japan Motor Games last July 6 to 7 together with the World Time Attack Challenge. The event had familiar drivers/tuners from the …



Join us for a Meet & Greet with Atsushi from...

Honda Day 2014

As huge a fan of Honda I think I may...

Nike Football Society Combine

With football season right around the corner, millions of people...


FatlaceTV: Offset Kings Japan 2014

Our visit to Japan is definitely the highlight of our...

FatlaceTV: Illest B-Boy Japan

Check it out. Illest B-boy battle in Japan hosted by...

Offset Kings Seattle by Yaer x Fatlace

Special thanks to Ryan of Yaer Productions on this years...


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1) All submissions must be original and current. We will only accept photos/videos that are original and taken and posted within the contest submission dates. Any photos/videos taken prior to the contest and web images will be automatically disqualified from the contest. | For repost contests, the reposted image must be posted within the contest submission dates. Any reposted images uploaded before or after the contest will be automatically disqualified.

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Prize: Hanya Air Freshener!

Start Date: 3:00 PM Pacific Time – August 5, 2014

End Date: 11:59 PM Pacific Time – August 7, 2014

Winner Announcement: August 8, 2014

Contest Winner: @pandita510 @iiiamfilob @glokma