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So I’ve been actively involved in the automotive community for about a good decade. I’ve met many great people along the way. Some of these people I actually looked up to when I was a kid and now I’m fortunate enough to call them my friends.  A lot of you know I consider Fatlace a big part of my life and the staff are as close as family. But I’d like to introduce you to another group of people that I’ve consider blood since the very beginning. A lot of the people in the photos you’re about to see are not only an important part of my life, but they are my life. Blood couldn’t make us any closer. Without them this whole car community would be nothing but garbage. Though I’ll admit! Some of these guys are a bunch a fucking assholes, but you get used to it and they mean very well 😉 The kings of internet trolling! Ha-ha.  Years ago we all started off as car friends, now we’re all here as family. A lot of us coming from different backgrounds and even different cities. How we cross paths? It’s still a mystery to me. Before the rise of all these popular social media tools like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Some of us actually met in parking lots or even trading and selling parts to one another. It crazy to me because one of the guys in the group, I met him in a Walgreen’s parking lot. Now he is now closer to me than even some of my own family.

When we’re lucky enough to have time off from work, we try to get together every once in a while and enjoy each other’s company, no car talk required. That group of people I’m talking about is my family, Phaze2.

Since this weekend we all had an extra day off work in observance of Memorial Day, a nice barbeque was in order. Everyone got their invite and we all headed out to the private Phaze2 Headquarters. The barbeque also double up as a Wekfest preparation party for @HeyMikeyyyy’s DC2 rebuild.

Before I go on. You may notice I’ve blurred out some of the photos that may identify the location. This place is very private and we’d like to keep it that way. People has asked in the past if it’s open to the public but short and simple, no it’s not.

This location also doubles as The Chronicles private office. Joey Lee, owner of the extremely popular Honda blog shares this location with Mikey. Joey is also a member of Phaze2.

Neighboring Businesses closed for the holidays. So to put it in short that everybody will understand, “Street’s closed pizza boy.”

Arnel Ortiz aka Phaze2Spanky BMW e30 Saloon on BBS Mesh. You may also remember his very popular EG hatch back in the day. (LINK). The only EG hatch I’ve ever liked.

An immaculate and what looks to me unmolested Acura ITR

What’s a party without someone popping their hood.

Slowly but surely people started showing up and the lot was filled.

The garage filling with invited guests looking over Mikey’s stripped Integra.

DPK David and Murdock greeting each other. There is no hello without a loving hug to go along with it.

Johnathan Wong, Joey Lee & Salem.

Here she is. Only 5 day’s left until Wekfest LA bound.

As the party went on, slowly parts were being put together.

Mikey’s B18 motor got a thorough cleaning and new seals. A lot of the parts returning the next day from polishing and chroming. A temporary valve cover was borrowed from our friend Yuta Akaishi.

Sid and Ejay.



A small tour of the office.

Stickers and prints from some of Joey’s adventures in Japan. If you go on his site ( you can read a lot of his amazing story’s and adventures. Search Kanjo Racing on his site.


A photo Joey took over at Spoon Sports Japan. This one labeled 1 of 50 prints he sold to the public. I’ve always enjoyed his work and need to grab a print when a new series goes for sale.

With every new visitor to HQ they get forever exposed on the Wall of Visitors. I’m the hot stuff in the lower middle. As you can see, not to many people have visited.


Even our ladies had a nice and comfortable area for them.

Recently a group of the guys returned from Japan. They brought stacks of Mevius aka MildSeven flavored cigarettes. Though it’s locked up to assure they’re not smoked in one day.

The latest issue of SuperStreet on top of Chronicles decals. Joey is also a freelance writer and photographer for a few of the Source Interlink Media magazines. His photo made the front cover of the latest issue. Make sure to buy your copy at your local news stand.

Another view from up top.

Ryan Der’s BMW e30 M3 sitting on a beautiful set of Bronze TE37’s


We were already hours in and there was enough food for everyone. . This was round two burgers and dogs. Round one was Carne Asada and Pollo made by Salem. Yum.


The weather at night has been so good to us. Not to hot, not to cold, just right. It’s a whatever you want to wear weather. Grab a nice cold drink and enjoy the company.

Hubert Barnum showing up fashionably late. The night before this he helped drop in Mikey’s motor by hand. Hours before that he just completed and air suspension install. Busy busy man.

Hey Bert, I shouted you out. Don’t get mad at me. Haha.
(Inside joke)

DPK David’s LS430 sitting on Superstar Ordens.

One of Mikey’s other toys. One of too many, I’ve lost count.

Another shot of Arnel’s e30



It started getting late and the guest started slowly saying their goodbyes. But it wasn’t over yet for the rest. It hit midnight which ment only 4 day’s left until completion. The guys got straight to work after a long evening with friends.

WesSpec hard at work. Even with the crowds eating, drinking and having a good time. He still was committed to getting the car one step closer to done.

Sorry, no cameras!

It’s crazy to me that this almost empty shell will be whole in less than a week. But I know the guys have what it takes to finish it with time to spare.

Noel, Mikey & Wes wrenching in all the suspension components back into place .

Dougie and Arnel lending a helping hand.

No one here is getting paid nor did force them to help. Being the family we are, any of our brothers that need help, we’ll be there. This is what we live for and we enjoy it with the best.

Joey sanding and blacking out some old worn out parts outside.

Dougie jacking off… What?

about 5 hours after all the guests left. Sub frame, front suspension, brakes, air and wheel’s are now settled back in.

Finally, it’s starting to resemble a whole car again.

A victory smoke was in order.

Majority of us were there for almost 12 hours and little did we know that the sun was already peaking at us from the east. All the car were moved back in, security was set and it was finally time to get some shut eye.

Be sure to catch the car in its entirety over at WekFest in Long Beach (May 31st) Until then, be safe my friends. Goodnight.


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