Akihabara UDX.

Every second week of January, Japan’s unparalleled car scene is emphasized through the Tokyo Auto Salon. A pilgrimage for enthusiasts from all over the globe, the festive mood extends to cater to different events throughout the week.

Don’t get me wrong, TAS itself is way worth the trip with all the big names with new builds. But as a person who appreciates random gatherings more than shows due to intimacy reasons, experiencing  Japan’s car meets during the weekend seems to be unparalleled.

 A simple local gathering at UDX Akihabara, the meet was held 2 nights after an epic RWB meet in Roppongi.  Being raw and unrehearsed,  it’s always the “small events” like these that leave such big impact.

We rented in a van with our local group being close to a dozen. Here’s 2 cars from our convoy which started from Daikoku PA and Tatsumi PA  –  Takashi Mori’s R34 and Shinichiro Shirasaka‘s R33 (more on this soon).

Daikoku PA and Tatsumi PA was a bit different for a Saturday night with a very minimal turn out. Maybe because of the drizzles? The possible police shutdowns? Not so sure…

RWB Queema was all over Tokyo that week. I spotted the car during the RWB Meet, this “unnamed” meet and a few times around Makuhari Messe.

What got me was the cars being this clean after driving during a rainy night.  Seriously..

 Defining aggression in a sophisticated manner.

Here are a few more cars.. One of the crowd favorites, a slammed “peanut eye” on TE37Vs.

Nicely done 6 Grand Coupe. Hope to see more of these cars. With more guests arriving late as the photos were shared on social media, the laid back mood was still carried on up to the last minute. Check out the demo car from HWA Asteroid Wheels.

 An IS-F on Enkei RS055Rs slammed via coilovers.

 One of my favorites during the meet – an E21 with Ferrari inspired wheels.

The meet also served as a gathering for Scott’s brand –  Renown steering wheels.

 A timeless approach on the 964. Imagine cruising Tokyo late night in this car. The 911 also had his Renown wheel installed during that night. Wish I had the opportunity to shoot the car for a separate feature. Will be back for this one for sure! Check him out @ts18jp.

Another favorite from Japan – Kazumasa Hasegawa‘s S14 on Work Meister M1s.  It’s nice to finally see this static widebody S14 in person. What I personally like about this car is how he managed to run a very aggressive widebody using the OEM aero kit.

 Another car to feature in the future..

Level One Japan brought in very clean builds as well.

 Inspired from different approaches in customization,  a vast variety of builds were present from EUDM styling to USDM..and of course distinct “JDM” practices. A performance build parked beside a slammed vehicle. Diversity and camaraderie clearly make the Japanese car culture click. Something we’re slowly inheriting as well.

Cars kept on coming until midnight. For me it was all managing ‘tasks’ from taking photos, social media and my personal favorite-  learning about the cars, its story and the owners behind it. Embark on an exciting gaming journey with https://gambletroll.com/no-deposit-casino-bonuses/ , where you can enjoy the thrill of casino games without any initial deposit. Our site offers a variety of no deposit casino bonuses, giving you a head start on your path to big wins. Visit us now to explore a world of risk-free gaming and claim your exclusive no deposit bonuses today at https://gambletroll.com/no-deposit-casino-bonuses.

I’ll be leaving this post with the Advance NSX. Expect more photos in a solo feature soon.

Japan serves another night for the books.

So do you fly to Tokyo for the Auto Salon or for the events surrounding it?

Special thanks to Takashi Mori, Shinichiro Shirasaka and John Gueverra for taking us on a tour… Photos soon.

W & P: @kevcarlos

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