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For quite some time, Akira Nakai of RAUH-Welt Begriff has been hosting a New Year Party to kick off  the Tokyo Auto Salon weekend. Something that has grown in magnitude in terms of attendees and anticipation, RWB owners, family & friends worldwide celebrate the camaraderie at the Hard Rock Roppongi Tokyo parking lot.

In my own personal point of view, events like these make the trip to Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon worth it. Nothing can go wrong when you throw in an event that highlights intimacy within pure enthusiasts. Check out the photos below.

In this post, I’ll be including in more than 30 photos taken and post processed thru different approaches. Being at the event earlier to take photos, I prepared myself to embrace Japan’s winter weather for more than 5 hours in the open air. Rough..

Things may be bigger next year with the announcement of “Dritte Entwichlung – Third Revolution aka RWB 997. For 2019, Nakai-San brought in his personal race car – Rotana.

During a brief chat with  Toshi Ichiraku, the International Director of RWB  said that this would be the last meet at Hard Rock Roppongi as the parking lot would be renovated. The was also scheduled to be torn 3 days apart, but things were delayed to hold this meet. With a growing number of attendees, Toshi-San is set to look for a different location within Tokyo for future meets. 2020’s New Year Meet would be very interesting with a new location + the RWB 997.

One of my favorite shots that night.

Natty Dread Jr. is one of Nakai-San’s personal race cars built for the Idlers 12H race. I wonder where the original Natty Dread is?  

Livery on point.

Fatlace represent.

Double tier wing or Championship wing?Here are a few non-Porsche builds that rolled up.

In terms of coverage for 2019, I wanted to take different photos from various spots as a good number of photos from 2018 got erased. I was a bit fueled from my first TAS weekend photos being all wiped out..

My good friend Takashi Mori cruised to the meet with his ER34. Possibly one of the most photographed cars that night. Here’s my feature on his car 2 years ago: The World’s Baddest ER34.  

Literally, I was just walking around taking shots from everywhere. This includes the side alleys during roll in.

 A very notable De Tomaso Pantera makes its appearance once again.

 RWB Garuda sporting a new LED headlight.

One of my personal favorites – RWB Violetta.

 An Old & New 996 cruised in at the event. The kit looks so good in person! Expect 1 in Manila soon care of Car Porn Racing.

 While Thursday night seemed to be the coldest one, moments like these make everything worth it. I wanted to wait for the RWB’s to drive out after the dinner.  The meet was followed by a short Run to Tatsumi PA – which I opted out to conserve energy for Tokyo Auto Salon Day 1.

 A night devoted on the brotherhood that RWB has simultaneously built as they showcase Japan’s wonderful car culture. One Love, right? Congratulations on the solid meet. See you all soon.

More photos below

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