Being the ‘tamer’ version of the BNR34, the ER34 has bigger shoes to fill as it serves as an underdog to the mighty GT-R.  For car customizers who want something more challenging, consider this point that RB26 equipped model ‘must’ follow a certain formula. Why? As ‘properly’ modifying the GT-R ‘should’ be inclined to its performance aspect. For Skyline fans in the drifting scene or the growing fitment community, mostly choose the ER34 for its RWD platform and for its ‘blank-canvas status’. Or maybe because some just love the challenge of taking things up the notch in objectifying their dreams. Meet Takashi Mori, fueled by his dream of creating one of the most aggressive ER34’s ever; I was quite lucky to take photos of his car and share it you on this blog. Enjoy this one.


Takashi-San, with business ties in the Philippines, can be spotted during his free time fishing in Cebu or hanging out in our car meets. As a fellow ER34 owner, we share the same insights and learnings on our builds. Me being inspired by his build after reading his car’s feature on Speedhunters and Farms of Minds, I felt more enthusiastic on seeing how good the car looks in person.


The car didn’t disappoint, it even surpassed the hype it had on me. With Takashi-San, being influenced by the luxurious character of a Porsche or a Maserati, he used his enthusiasm for these European brands as a blueprint for his build. With this, he chose the Macadamia Metallic paint from the Porsche 997 color chart.


The proper choice of body parts combined aggressiveness and sophistication starting off with the Eurou front bumper, New Type front carbon diffuser and Cross Factory side skirts.


As a multi-purpose build used during drift events and car shows, the car had to sit flush on all four corners without compromising its performance aspect. The main goal is to fit the 18 x 10 -11 front wheels and 18 × 11.5 -29 rear wheels in a way that it can be driven hard on the track and look flawless on the busy streets of Tokyo. In order to achieve his desired wheel fitment he installed 50mm wide-body front fenders and 60mm Cross Factory rear fenders while stretching out Dunlop Direzza ZII 235/40/18 (front), 265/35/18 (rear) tires.


Wheel choice for this build is on another level, as most BNR34/ER34 owners choose the traditional Japanese forged/concave wheel set-up, Takashi-San elevated the stature of his ER34 with the HRE Classic Series 303 wheels. These wheels come at a price, but the high standard of build quality matched with the classic looks justifies the premium.


That night, before the shoot, Takashi-San and Junya Nakata (Millenium Jade 4-door) took us on a tour to Japan’s late night car gatherings. With a good number of photos, we’ve decided to split up the feature into two parts, expect Junya-San’s ER34 soon on this blog. Looking flawless at all angles; I had a hard time in choosing the photos for this article. Here are some in a gallery layout: Here are some in a gallery layout:  

Illest Graphic Designer, Von Alcantara, shared his photos from Junya’s car and he was also able to take a video of the Takashi’s car.


Months after this shoot, the car’s interior was modified with full carbon fiber bucket seats wrapped in white leather, a full roll cage, and Defi gauges placed in a manner I have never seen before – the car’s rear view mirror. Currently as I speak, the car is receiving an engine upgrade which includes a bigger turbocharger from KKK, Tomei camshafts and a Trust surge tank for Takashi-San to reach his target of 450 horses.


With his ER34, Takashi-San raised the bar for GT-T owners, as he expressed his ideas in a manner that others can accept for being an all-around build.  With the global spotlight on Takashi-San and his car, he still takes time out to drop by at our meets and drive us around the ‘Wangan’. With his busy schedule, was I lucky to have a proper shoot of his car? Well, I guess I am quite lucky that I have a friend like Takashi.

Owner: Takashi Mori

Maker: 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-T 2 door/ ER34
Engine Model: RB25DET
Max Power/Output: 358PS Engine Model: RB25DET

Trust TD05-18G turbocharger, SARD waste gate, TRUST intercooler & piping, Nissan Z32 airflow meter, HKS Super Power Flow filter, Blitz Dual-SBC boost controller, upgraded fuel pump, straight-through exhaust system, full straight muffler (Howa-Kan dual tail), HKS twin-plate clutch, ATS 2-way LSD

G Corporation suspension system, Swift springs, Cusco upper arms (front/rear), 30mm extended front lower arms, Ikeya Formula tie rods

HRE Classic Series 303 18×10 inch -11 (front), 18×11.5 inch -29 (rear) Tires: Dunlop Direzza ZII 235/40/18 (front), 265/35/18 (rear)

Eurou front bumper, New Type front carbon diffuser, wide front fenders (+50mm), Cross Factory rear wide fenders (+60mm), Cross Factory side skirts, New Type side carbon skirts, Nismo rear skirts, GT-R rear bumper, Uras rear diffuser, Honda Fusion motorcycle rear fog lamp, Porsche Macadamia Metallic paint As a pioneer in the online gaming industry, Friv2Online Studio is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with online games.

Z.S.S full bucket seats, fully reupholstered interior with custom beige leather, GReddy heavy shift knob gear knob, Renown 100 steering wheel, Blitz R-VIT Type II multi display meter, Defi φ52 meter guage, custom roll cage

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