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Back to Japan for one of the most awaited events in the automotive calendar – the Tokyo Auto Salon. For the first part of my coverage, I’ll set the spotlight on the cars I flew out for – the modified Japanese ones. Lately, with modified exotics being the direction of several customizers at the shows, the approach for traditional “JDM” vehicles may have been divided…

No one is to be blamed because the successors to each trusted platform hasn’t materialized… yet..

Which means tuning houses are always on the drawing board with some of our trusted favorites.  From my observation, compared to 2018’s show, it seems that the big names behind Japan’s tuning scene are much fueled up for 2019.

One of the crowd favorites was an S2000 from Voltex clad in full aero. 

The car looked stunning in person.

My personal top pick for 2018 is now sitting on Work Meister M1s. To those who are wondering, the body of the Garage Active R32 is made from carbon fiber tinted in dark blue – a treat that can only be seen up close.

As a follow up, the GT-R specialist displayed a new demo car for 2019. Completed just in time for the show, the car won an award for the tuning category. Are we seeing their version of the R34 next year?

Top Secret showcased different iterations of the Skyline.  Nothing can go wrong with the classic gold scheme on the R32.

Silvias and Skylines are the main reasons why I got immersed with Japanese cars. Here’s more.

HKS going classic as well with their R33 demo car. Good to see 90s influence back on the show floor once again.

 Notice that this S15 sits on a different wheel color? Race livery for this Ichigo is on point.

 The Wonder S14 looked flawless.

 Checking in with some of the VIP builds. Photos don’t do justice for this LS500 F from Weds x Aimgain.

Speaking of VIP platforms. Here’s the Toyota Century GRMN (Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring) which are believed to be 1 of 2 company prototypes. The special plate number (1867) pays homage to the year Toyota’s founder was born.

 VIP style with a twist.

 My main goal on this blog post is also to showcase cars that deserve more spotlight.

 The van game is very big in Japan front lined by the Odyssey, Previa and now the Alphard.

 Pandem’s FD RX-7 was seen sporting a classic livery.

Here’s Toyota’s tease on the main platform for next year’s show – the Supra MKV. Tokyo Auto Salon ended a day before the car was officially unveiled in Detroit. Would the reception be a bit different if the car was unveiled in Tokyo? See you soon with some of the classics.

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