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Fatlace TV: Formula D Las Vegas Recap

Vegas Vegas Vegas….

2nd year shooting this track… Working with new camera, new lenses, and a messed up tripod. Wasnt the happiest with the footage i got either. Especially after thinking i uploaded everything, then reformatted the card to shoot stuff in Hawaii to come home and find out there was no way to get half of my files from Vegas back :/ , The card had been formatted too many times !

Anyways Vegas was a tough one. Walkers tranny went out again in Practice on Thursday, then Clutch pedal broke during qualifying thus knocking him out of top 32 and not getting to drive on Saturday. Meanwhile, Matt Field on the other hand was driving well all weekend. Coming in gangster on entry but was knocked out by aasbo in the top 32.

All in all good weekend, good people, I just wish that card was not reformatted !

Filmed & Edited by: Abbitt Wilkerson
Additional footage from: Zak Kerbelis

Shot on : Canon 5dii ‘s

Song : Mashup by Daniel Yogi Kruthanooch

// Abbitt Wilkerson

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