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You Decide: Fatlace x Mooneyes Yellow Coaches Jacket

mooneyes_coach_front_2Starting today we’re giving our fans, followers, and supporters the chance to determine whether or not a product gets put into production. As many of you man know, we paired up with hot rod company extraordinaire, Mooneyes to drop one of our most exciting collaborations to date! The general release will also include a coaches jacket but NOT  in the color way you see here. Thanks to the folks at Hingeto.Com, we have been given a platform to gauge your interest and offer you an EXCLUSIVE yellow and black Fatlace x Mooneyes coaches jacket.

Throughout the course of the 7 day window, you can periodically check the status of funding. To make this even sweeter, the first 10 people to fund the jacket will be receiving an exclusive sticker pack that you can only get through the Fatlace Store on Hingeto.Com. Again, you can only get the jacket here, and if we get enough backing we’ll ONLY produce what was ordered.

So, what are you waiting for?! Time’s ticking!



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