Came out Saturday morning to the stench of burnt tires.

Left Saturday afternoon with the smell of the same tires, and a smile on my face. Huge turnout and an awesome vibe made a great day of drifting and just flat out sick cars.. Congratulations to all the winners at the showcase and also congrats to the fatlace drifters Walker Wilkerson & Matt Fields for smashing face all day. Also thanks to Yogi for getting me a media pass the day before, good lookin out haha

I had brought an extra camera out for the event and let my awesome friend Christine take pictures all day since I was out on the track quite a bit. 20000 pictures later she gave me back the camera and here are the pictures… so enjoy!


Walker tearing it up.

Christine doin’ work.

Congrats to Angelo for the Slammed Society award

Yogi kinda doin’ work

Yep, thats me!

Abbitt stancin’

Vincent and his LS featured last month under “Upperclassmen”

Alex Zhao’s S2000

Be on the lookout for this feature in the next couple of days!

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  1. very nice pics. What sort of post processing did you do? Looks like some sort of desat – kind of like the iphone “camera+ 70’s theme”?

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