It’s going to be one crazy event this year. Cros1’s event ‘Freestyle Session’ is now hitting it’s 15th year anniversary. Inivisble Skratch Piklz, SadatX, Groovaloos feat. Steelo, are some of the performers this year. 3vs3 Bboy competition, 2vs2 Topstyles(Allstyles on Top), 3vs3 Popping battle. Cypher King & Queen champs. Dj Shashu and Kaistar holding it down in the TopStatus Room which will be headed by BIONIC (MachineGoneFunk/MovementLifestyle). It’s the premier event in the West Coast as far as RAW HipHop, Crazy Battles, Cyphers Galore, Good Music, etc. You don’t want to miss out on this event and bring the kids!!! It’s a place to get inspired, be amazed, and experience something great. Hope to see you there.  Art work (bellow) by Pres One.