Not sure many of you know but I used to design for FTC Skateboarding. It was many many years ago and after that I moved onto the corporate world where I found myself very comfortable. One thing I missed while working at FTC and owning my own business (back then it was MeccaGraphics) was the freedom to do whatever you wanted at any time.

Now that I’m once again Free from The Corporate tango, I’m enjoying life, spending time with the kids and planning some real exciting things for the future of our brand. Here’s a look at our next collaboration with FTC Skateboarding. I designed it thinking of that hustle, thinking of all the pieces of the puzzle. The letters FTC are found in Fatlace and it only makes sense to do it. Thanks to Kent who has been one of my mentors and who has given me some sound advice over the years. Peace and hope you likes.


Mark Arcenal

Creative Director at Arcenal
Lived the Agency life for over a decade and then moved to client side and helped in launching the biggest brand Nike has to date, Nike Sportswear as the Global Digital Lead.

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