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I go to Church at 7277 Santa Monica Blvd.  You might miss it if you don’t look for the heavy wooden doors.

Not your typical crucifix.

A chic group of Church goers.  These devout members give a lot of their money to this congregation.

Church is absolutely breathtaking inside.  I love the cathedral ceilings.

No, he isn’t waiting in-line for the soup kitchen.  This is actually Church’s Pastor Rodney Burns – co-founder with David Malvaney.
He tries to make it look like he doesn’t spend the collection funds on wardrobe, but this outfit is more money than you can afford.  The prayer beads are pave diamonds.

A modern monk.

We are  just trying to fit in.

Amazing jeweled gas mask to wear while torturing the sinners.

A nickel plated pistol for scare tactics.  It obviously doesn’t work.

Nuns always wear black and white.

I am not sure what to say about this. –  Entertainment?

Trying on a new set of wings.

Expensive and beautiful offerings.

The Light and the dark-side rest awfully close to each other.

Ancient jewels from the god’s

Instead of The 10 Commandments – this Church has a Retna wall.

Retna Trinity

High Priestess gown

I am not sure how this fits into it all, but every Church has it’s secrets.

I see a reflection!!

Now take your board and go home… NOW!




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