How can a GC10 Skyline exceed its nameplate? With the different approaches on styling a ‘Hakosuka’ it is hard to decide which one looks best. It is a type of car that does not need the wildest modifications to stand out because of its cemented presence in the tuning scene.  Enjoy these photos of a 1972 Skyline from Star Road.




It was my second time to get up-close with a Gc10 coupe.


This was different compared to my First GC10 chassis encounter. The first one had a different styling approach, as it went for the bosozoku-street racer look. This was immaculately resto-modded.


Wheels are Glow Star’s from Work Wheels Japan, a collaboration effort with Star Road.


The specs for the wheels are 15 x 9 +10 offset with additional 25mm spacer up front and 15x 10 -28 offset with additional 20mm spacer on the rear.


Everything is all about detail for this build, I couldn’t even spot a single hairline on the chrome parts. The car was restored in tip-top condition with a modern touch like the carbon fiber flares.


Interior was hardly touched except for the Recaro seats and Momo ‘Jet’ steering wheel.


The L28 was stroked out to 3.ol, I have no exact power output but I heard it was producing around 350-380hp.




Those lines. Makes me want a Hako more!


I spent around 15 minutes looking at the car, looking for flaws in body lines, panels – I even looked at the under-chassis. Everything is in proper shape.  Star Road has done it again, check out more of their work  here: The Stars of Star Road


Again… Til next time, Hako.

Full Specifications:

1972 Nissan Skyline GC10

Full Star Road Restoration
3.0 Nissan L28 engine kit
Solex 44 carburetor
Star Road large-capacity aluminum three-layer radiator

Star Road front harmonic drive kit
Eight-stage adjustment type pillow upper with mount
8-stage adjustable rear full tap short stroke shocks
Star Road adjustable rear lower arms
Front type M caliper
R200 LSD

Glow Star by Work Wheels Japan
Black Cut Disk Bronze Rim
15 x 9 +10 offset with additional 25mm spacer (front)
15x 10 -28 offset with additional 20mm spacer (rear)

Recaro Sportster LL100H
Recaro Cross Sportster LL100H


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