Hellaflush is coming to Miami’s Dolphin Stadium on July 31st, 2010. Yes you heard it right and in conjunction with Remix Events, we’re happy to shine the light on 75 of the best fitted cars in the Sunshine State. Hellaflush 6 will be happening inside a sectioned off location at Remix Miami.

Dolphin Stadium
July 31st, 2010

To register your car, PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS BELOW. After you’ve registered, you will be directed to Paypal where you’ll be asked to pay your $40 which entitles you, your car and a guest to enter the show. You’ll be receiving an email with further instructions on the show after everything checks out.

*** UPDATE *** If you’ve already registered, and haven’t received any information, please email hellaflush (at)

Please add hellaflush (at) to your contacts as our emails might end up in your spam/bulk folder.



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  1. so what happened to Hellaflush 6 in Norcal? I thought we were having two events on same day but haven’t heard anything about Norcal one.

    1. It’s going to be announced next week where the location is, etc. Thanks

      1. So it’s still on 31st in Norcal, right?

        I’ve been waiting for an update so I could ask for a day off that day.


    1. No, you can buy tickets at / We’re just guests at their massive show. Thanks

      1. can we purchase tickets at the arena? when we buy tickets are we buying just for hellaflush? or all the remix events?

  2. I need a email that I could reach some of the hellaflush/fatlace staff at. Maybe someone who is helping the organization for the hf6 event.

  3. If I registered for the HF section @ remix how would i know if you guys accept my registration through a email or something?

  4. When are you guys annoucing who made the cut and who didn’t?? I know like 10 people down here who are like in limbo!!

  5. Much respect to the hellaflush team. I just recently got into the scene but im very intrigued. Im trying to stack a little bread so i could start a little project of my own. If anyone would take the time to give me a little info on how some of these cars are worked on to sit with those mean stances id appreciate it cuz i dont want to ruin a project car. im from miami and im tryin to get a little something goin for the 31st show. Im hella stoked that you guys are comin down. I ve seen some shit out here that im sure is gonna catch your eye. One love.

  6. Do i need to include a photo of my car in the bio to register, because my car is in the process of being completed probably by next tuesday night or wendsday morning. Iam just worried of losing a spot to enter into the show.

  7. when do we get a response email/ refund if we do or do not make it into the show.

  8. ok lets get this straight. this website says the event starts at 1pm. The remix website says it starts at 3 but then when u go to buy tickets it says doors open at 4…so wut is the real starting time? there are a bunch of us in orlando that want to convoy over there but dont know wut time to leave to not be late or to not be super early.

    1. It’s from 3-10. I presume they changed the times. Thanks for the inquiry.

  9. Patience people, i’m sure Mark and the gang got a TON of registrations for the event.

    I just got mine today, thanks guys!

  10. I’m still in limbo with my application are you guys still letting people know?

  11. ok so an email from leslie after accepting me stated 8am to 10 am for a time…. what does that mean, the time for us to be there??

  12. so when is it too late to submit a application? will the form be closed or is it already too late?

  13. where can i buy general tickets (im going just to spectate) or are they sold at the event??

  14. I know many have asked the same question but is there any way to confirm there is a hellaflush 6 in nor cal, and a location since i will need to know when to leave and return for work..

    1. We’re postponing the Norcal Hellaflush til further notice. It’s coming but not on the 31st. Thanks.

  15. Make sure to add hellaflush (at) to your contacts. Some email servers might put the email in your SPAM/BULK folder.


  16. Bump for Leslie. I found the email in my spam folder! Responded back with correct payapl email.

    1. Woot woot! Got an email back. It’s a bit vague though. Is the “Thank you for registering and see you there” email confirmation for being in the HF 75? It doesn’t say anything in particular about being accepted or not. Thanks.

  17. Hey i was picked for the Stanced 40 and was wondering how to sign up to see if i get picked for the 75, dont really want to party just anywhere, and i have 2 friends who submitted but no reply back and its been a while now. Let me know! thanks

  18. So I’m not sure if I’m approved or not? I also got the vague email thanking me for registering and me needing to confirm payment. Is this it or is another email coming out? Less than a week away and I’m still clueless.

    1. I was also wondering when we can expect an update on if we were selected for the show. I paid mid last week and was just trying to get everything set for the show.

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