06 Oct 2013

Slammed Society Japan @ Fuji Speedway pt.1

Yesterday we had our annual Slammed Society / Hellaflush Japan 2013. Stoked on all the vendors and people that showed and attended the event. Here’s a few images from the event and expect more in the following days.

01 Oct 2013

ClubFR Jam 2013

Fun. This to me is what drifting is all about and every video I see of this place I think of TKL Kartland in Japan. ClubFR had their 2013 Jam just a few weeks ago and the homie Tim shot this video of the event. Looks like the turnout was

29 Sep 2013

It’s about that time..

1 month ’til Sema! This means crunch time for all the builders out there. Time everything come in from suppliers and time for all the last minute builds to get as close as possible to make it on the showroom floor come November 5th. This year we will be debuting

27 Sep 2013

Slammed Society Japan // Limbo 2013

It is almost Slammed Society Fuji 2013! Are you ready for everything? Here is the final announcement for 10/6, please check below. Fee: Slammed Society Spectator fee is 1,000jpy/person, same as last year. FSW charges you 1,000jpy/person separately from us. This fee is charged to anyone to enter FSW, even

25 Sep 2013

AME x Fatlace

Introducing the F/ZER01 & F/ZER02. These classic sport wheels were ressurected and redesigned with modern fitment by the Fatlace Design Group and produced by Japanese wheel company AME Wheels. Short for Fatlace01 & Fatlace02, these wheels were designed at the utmost quality to surpass JWL testing. Click here for more

21 Sep 2013

CREWS Chicago 2013

And, here I am, writing another post just because I was in the right place at the right time. I happened to be in Chicago the weekend of the CREWS show – a local Chicago event that is run by Morris and his crew to help promote the scene and

15 Sep 2013

Liberty Walk – Bulls of steel

Liberty Walk is not a new name in the tuning world and I am sure that we have all (at some stage) seen Kato-san’s impressive widebody euro creations. Specialising in the tuning of Italy’s famous ‘raging bull’ he has created a Murcielago which will do more than just turn your

02 Sep 2013

Slammed Society Guam

We usually end the year with a show in the bay area but this year we’re going to end it in GUAM! That’s right.. Fatlace in conjunction with Upshift, AN Films & Illest Brand brings you Slammed Society Guam on December 14th. Please save the date and we’ll have registration

23 Aug 2013

Andy Kuo’s 2007 Subaru WRX

                 Who would have thought a random Facebook message would turn into an incredible photoshoot? I sure didn’t. Thanks to social media, connecting people thousands of miles away from each other, I was able to meet up with Andy Kuo and his 2007

13 Aug 2013

Slammed Sundays | August

Another Slammed Sunday has passed, here are the photos from this wonderful Sunday. Unfortunately, we were only able to have one side of the lot this time. It made the lot look kind of bare. Thanks everyone for understanding! Bagged E60 on Leon Hardiritt Waffes. Everyone who attended the meet

06 Aug 2013

Slammed Society Chicago – Photo Dump

A couple years ago we held an event with our friends at Weksos in Chicago and ever since that, I’ve always wanted to come back and see how the scene in Chicago has progressed. Well that day came and we had one hell of a show with some of Chicago’s

29 Jul 2013

Slammed Sundays

With the opening of Illest Orange County, we decided that it was time Illest started to have car meets at the store. Illest Orange County had the combination of a large parking lot and plenty of street parking, so it was easy for us to hold a large car meet.