“I regret the day I turned my back on my parents and took off with my friends because of my vices.”

I have been everywhere along the streets of Manila for more or less 30 years now, my parents are gone. Fifteen years ago when I first ate the food from the garbage, I have slept anywhere in the streets and get drunk every day and night because I’m haunted by regrets. Until now I still think about what could’ve been if I made the right decisions. 

I miss my family, I want to see them. But I know they are angry at me, of what I have become. It’s too late now. I’m already old. 

If I can go back in time and can fix something, it’s my relationship with them. 

I’ll finish school. 

I would have chosen better people to surround me. 

I would have gone to places and made lots of houses and buildings, not a cart.


I would have kids and a normal family too. But ofcourse that will be too ambitious for my current situation! I’ll prefer to suffer alone instead of letting more people suffer because of me.

Then that’s the only good thing I can contribute to this life, for not bringing another suffering

“I know it’s already too late to make up with my life but I’ll stay being a good person instead until my last day.”
Boy(Batangeño), from the street of Malate, Manila today. 

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