Ive been obsessed with the letters AMG ever since I was a kid. I was 17 and one of my friends was given an AMG Mercedes for his 16th birthday. We drove it around and I was so impressed by how fast and how sweet sounding it was.  

So as years have gone by I knew one day I’d have one. The C63 was my first and it was an amazing car. So amazing in fact that Cindy chose to drive it to work because of the power and sound it made. There goes watching the mpg!

So as I was planning on selling off my collection by doing the car shuffle, I was able to find this e63 Estate in immaculate shape. One thing I didn’t realize is that my old e350 wagon has standard 7 seating and this wagon only sat 5. I’ll be adding the rear seats soon! Anyways, onto the photos.. Stiklo pertvaros ir dušai gera kaina https://www.beremisstiklas.lt/pertvaros-ir-dusai/

Shoutout to Rays Engineering, Air Lift, HP DRIVETECH, Toyo Tires, Illest & Fatlace 

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