Imotep is founded by seven like minded individuals that loves their Middle Eastern Cuisine as much as their Cars. Led by Chef Robertino Garcia (who is a clown shoe fanatic!), Imotep offers Hot & Fresh Off The Grille Middle Eastern Food that are hand-crafted and grilled on site.

M2,3,4 & Z3M

It’s been a tough year for everyone due to the Covid19 Outbreak, especially for entrepreneurs in the F&B Business. Whether you are an Industry Titan or a Small “hole-in-the wall” start up, the weight is felt in this trying times.

Friends and Family showed love and support last August 29th, for a small gathering of some “Kars & Kofta”

Heartbreaks & Heartaches Car Club is well represented!
F&F from Uberwerke!
e34 Club Philippines & Girl Racers Club!
German v8’s Rumble!
M2C evil twins! More info about this build in the future! What’s up @mayhem_m2c!
Who ordered eggs?
Exchange of car experiences over food is always a win-win!
A little Drizzle won’t spoil our fun!

Before heading out, I got to check what’s keeping Garage 2233 busy…

Track Builds.
Alpina Restorations.
Reminds me of “No Man’s Land”
Pampering a Unicorn.

Really good Stuff from Imotep!

Until the next “Kars & Kofta”! We would love to see some JDM, Exotics and American Muscle at our parking lot! Everyone is welcome!

As-salamu alaykum!

Special Thanks to:

Imotep Shawarma

Garage 2233

Detail Manila

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