I’m now planning a NYC shopping trip around when Uniqlo’s FW10 line drops. So bigappleloves, please let me know when you see any of these pieces in-store:

I’ll hop the next flight to JFK within the hour. What do you ladies think? Are you getting excited for the change of seasons? I know we are still a few months away, but I’m getting eager to start collecting sweaters and cords. I’m totally in love with knee highs + boots + skirts/shorts for Fall. I’m especially in love with the two-tone socks that Uniqlo is doing. Oh and those leopard print pants! I need ’em. You can check out the rest of Uniqlo’s FW10 collection via their lookbook and don’t forget to fall in love with the Pendleton-esque jackets. Yup, you can now afford your own.