Here from Northern California is Jason Lau’s IS300 on Work Equips. I first noticed Jason’s car at the past Hellaflush XII in Vallejo, California and from then on it has got my attention to how appealing the car was with this setup.

When Jason first got his IS300 he had no interest in the car scene what so ever, but when he discovered the forums and more information about the car, the “mod bug” hit him.

Then Jason discovered the whole HellaFlush scene and immediately started saving up for coilovers and soon after picked up some wheels. Basically started getting more aggressive with each new set.

Works Equips look good on just about any car.

Jason just wanted the car to sit really low and turn heads, just like the other cars he admired in the scene.

Modification List
-Vertex Replica Front Bumper
-Wald side skirts
-TRD replica rear lip
-Altezza z-edition grille
-Altezza window visors
-Blacked out headlights and fogs
-Front and rear sidemarker delete
-Custom exhaust
-Stance Gr+ Coilovers
-Work Equips
-Front: 18×10 +22 215/35
-Rear: 18×10.5 +16 225/35

Thanks Kevin Chow for sharing the shots with us over here. You can check out more stuff at his Facebook fan page:

-Shavi W.

Instagram: @ShaviW
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