Before the car scene took over the web and social media, browsing and learning new ways to modify a vehicle came into the form of a magazine. If you’re an avid car enthusiast, it is impossible for you not to have ever purchased a copy of Super Street Magazine.

Weeks ago, I had a chat through Instagram with Jofel Tolosa, a Filipino based in Orange County who shoots for the magazine.  After multiple attempts for a mini-meet, last night (April 23, 2014) our schedules finally met as we gathered together for a meet and drift shoot for the magazine.  Enjoy my (grainy) photos:

It was my first time to encounter Junk Works, the boso-rat boys came in full force.



Clean R32 from Drvhrdcrew.

The Club 420 boys also showed up for the meet.

Kar Montaner’s toys.

Lloyd and Mj Castillo from Street Scene showed up in their R32 GTR.

Speaking of GTR’s, this R35 from 420 came in strong.

The DMF Drift boys, who mainly organized the event gave us a good show.

GMW came in full force.


Clean STI.


Possibly one of the cleanest BRZ’s in town.



Mark Bernardo with “blue” showing us how its done.


Jun Martinez in his newly acquired E36, Bf boys represent.

Jordan’s “white fang” reppin some of our friends.

My favorite during the meet, Julian Parado’s E46 from Drive Hard Crew. Stay tuned as I will focus in depth with his build.

White meat/meet.

Again, congrats on the huge turnout Paolo Arespacochaga, AutoPerformance PH.

Edit: Thanks Zander Rosario for helping me with some of the photos

Hope you enjoyed my photos. Til next time.


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