Sorry I have been M.I.A. on the blog since the change up of the website.  I’ve been meaning to purchase a new digital camera so that I can post other stuff outside of Mellow Orange Music…   hopefully I can show you more stuff on the back end of what I do outside of music.

Speaking of Mellow Orange it has been really busy with the release of our first artist featured album, Freddie Joachim – ‘Midway’.  If you’re already familiar with Freddie Joachim’s work, then you know what you are getting.  Go check it out (itunes,, bandcamp) and please support independent artist pushing out good music.  Peace.


The author Yusai

I'm a dj, beat maker, and run with my crew called Mellow Orange. Like most beat fanatics I'm addicted to vinyl and my only cure is poverty.

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  1. Yusai, I didn’t know you blogged for Fatlace. Hold on, what a small world. I just got on the Stay Fresh team! Maybe if I see you today you can help me out with something. Pleasure meeting you, Freddie, and friends last night. It was definitely fun.

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