Eric Koston is a legend in skateboarding and with 20 years as a professional under his belt he knows a thing or two about the technical aspects and importance of a functional skate shoe. Koston has worked closely with Nike over the past years to create groundbreaking innovations in the design of his signature footwear.

A union of durability and style, the Koston 2 merges skate shoe needs with running shoe insights. Thanks to Eric himself, increased ventilation and comfort were where not to be compromised.

The Nike SB Koston 2 retails for $90 USD and is offered in multiple colorways. Available at select retailers and skate shops beginning April 1, 2013.

“We go back and forth the entire time until it’s done — until we can’t tweak it any more basically. I’ll print out a design and start sketching on it or shoot a photo and send it back. We’re pretty extensive until we get the finished product.” — Eric Koston