Last week I was invited to check out a unique experience courtesy of Nike to train like an athlete. The training session was located at the John McKay building in USC’s access-only weight room and was led by head strength and conditioning coach Ivan Lewis.


Just walking through the historic hallways of the storied university you can feel the sense of pride that the athletes must feel as they prepare daily for their workouts. The constant reminders of the school’s sports accomplishments provides motivation.



Inside the typically athlete-only locker room we were gifted our Nike Training gear that consisted of a Nike Ultimate Dry V-neck, Pro Hypercool Compression tights, Nike Flex shorts, and the Nike Metcon 1. Then it was off to the training facility to begin our workout.


This particular session had us train with the coaching staff in a workout similar to what the football team would typically do to get fit to take the field, but obviously at less intensity. The combination of speed and agility drills combined with a little bit of strength training left us sweating. The dynamic workout felt great and at the end there was a sense of accomplishment for finishing strong.





Nike Training is connecting elite trainers, coaches, and Nike athletes to host a six-week training experience designed to maximize athleticism. Each week a unique training experience will be held in an iconic LA training location with a focus on three styles: train fast, train dynamic, and train strong.



If you’re interested in participating in this program or want more information visit:Nike Train LA.

Additional photos provided by Nike.