The Pacific Northwest, it never disappoints. I touched down at SEA-TAC on Thursday morning and was welcomed to 80 degree weather which caught me off guard. I must admit, summertime in Washington is pretty awesome. It’s the perfect time to wash and wax the ride and just cruise. There is nothing like meeting up with everyone, heading out to grab a deluxe burger and fries at Dick’s, and just hanging out. I didn’t get a chance to stop by Garage Autohero this time around, but Ray’s coffee is possibly the best thing on earth. I have grown quite fond of the state of Washington, I should just move up here for awhile. Arriving to Evergreen early Saturday morning, I was anxious to see what the PNW would bring to the table. I was not let down.

Washington’s first RWB. I met Christian last year and he is one of the nicest dudes I have ever met.

There were a handful of cars that caught my eye that made me stare everytime I walked by. This was one of them.

Rocketbunny FR-S with added awesome.

Registration always sells out for this event. There were so many good builds.

Lower than some cars I have seen on bags.

I love big wings and pretty much everything else about this.

Ryan from Cakeface and his 350Z.

Have you ever seen something so bad ass that you don’t know what to say about it? Yea.

Yup, lost for words again.

The fact that these cars get driven hard makes them even more awesome. Battle wounds add character.

Ryan Davis from YAER even brought out his SC to the event. You may of seen it at the Nitto booth. This thing is a monster.

Enjoy the rest of my coverage. More photos and winners including Formula Drift coverage will be posted later on this week.