Spending time with the family means a lot since I’m on the road quite a bit. Every year we take our annual pilgrimage to Hawaii to take a break from it all; however, we’re aiming for a different location next year, we want to visit some great Maldives luxury beach villas. This years vacation just happens to be the week before our biggest show of the year at Fuji Speedway. I tried to keep work to a minimum, remembering the little things to make our show different from the rest. So the following are my shots from this years vacation. Probably the only time you’ll see this many photos of the family.

The airplane ride was very smooth. Hunter didn’t throw up 5 minutes before landing this year so it was smooth sailing for us. We also wanted to experience chartering a private jet like the ones offered by Jettly. May be on our next vacation we’ll go for it. So I started searching now for an adventurous trip and it’s good that I found some best travel options from a good site like https://madeinturkeytours.com!

Spent our first couple days at Aulani, the disney vacation spot located at Ko’olina. One thing I can tell you about Aulani is that this is one of the best places to take them on the island for those that want to get away and see Mickey & a few other characters. And for those that want to get away from their children for a day, you can drop them off at Aunties Beach House for the entire day and spend time with your significant other.

Hunter gets pretty pumped after character dining. Probably cause of the sugar.

Brooklyn too. Showing us her best Hunter face.

Spent a day checking out the sites of Oahu that we dont normally goto. One of these spots is China Walls on the tip of Hawaii Kai.

Brooklyn was the brave one.

Hunter and Brooklyn chillin.

Don’t get too close of you’ll get pulled in. 🙂

If it weren’t for camera timers, we would never get shots like this.

Til next time…

We also stayed a few days at the Kahala Hotel. I met a bunch of guys that worked here last year and when we arrived they remembered us.
Thanks Todd and crew for helping us out.

These 3 were stoked on staying in a less busy place. We got to drive around and eat at local spots and get a little shopping in.

Photo after breakfast..

They have dolphins and a bunch of other fish and stingrays in the middle of the hotel.
If you’re cruising by its definitely worth taking a look at.

These dolphins are extremely fast.

Our friends Alyssa & Kori came by to teach the kids to surf. The basics and foundation of surfing is best learned from a first hand experience.
Thank you guys for doing this. They loved it.

Kori watching Brooklyn paddle out.

The kids learning to stand up and paddle.

They were racing each other to the shore.

Then Alyssa showed us how not to jump off someones shoulders. 🙂

Skylar was a bit shy at first to learn but when she opened up it was on.


The basics.

Brooklyn stoked on surfing.

Then they got tired and wanted to just chill out in the pool.

Til next year. Mahalo to everyone who made the vacation a blast.

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