25 May 2011

M-Confidence G35/7

Check out M-Confidence’s Peanut Butter 2009 G35 (G37 in America). It might be odd to some folks after seeing the specs list that they used Stoptechs, Seibon and KW V3 Suspension but it’s become a style of tuning in Japan which works. WORK GNOSIS 20×9.5/20×10.5 looking good on the car.

25 May 2011

Fatlace Japantown Restock

We just received a extremely limited amount of Cherry Blossom Sticker, Illest 5 panel, Fatlace mesh cap, and Black Illest Lanyards. So come quick before they are all gone!

25 May 2011


Memorial Day is coming up, time for friends, BBQ, summer to begin but also this Monday is Memorial Day… A day of remembrance, respect , thanks and honor of those that have and are defending our country… Cheers to the Vets & soldiers… Watch this video about some WWII Veterans

24 May 2011

Ford Escort RS2000 Mexico

So I’ve known Phillip Sy of Autoplus for so many years now. I’ve spent thousands of dollars fixing up my cars with him and he’s been at the forefront of tuning for many many years. He was the first person to import Spoon in the USA, the first person to

24 May 2011

AMA Pro & Michael Jordan Motorsports

So the other day I was invited to Infineon Raceway by the AMA folks to come check out USA’s premier Superbike series. I usually goto the MotoGP race at Laguna Seca and catch these guys racing but this time around I thought it would be cool to see some bike

24 May 2011

Ameri-Can Beer

On Saturday hit the 1st ever Ameri-Can Canned Craft Beer Fest in Chandler, AZ created, ran and hosted right in front of San Tan Brewery… For the 1st time out of the gates it was a solid beer fest and I’m sure it will be better and better for years

24 May 2011

Singapore Calling

Brisbane based drifter Josh Boettcher has spent the past four years working towards one goal. To step onto the international stage in the world of Formula Drift. Josh has been competing in the Stadium Drift Pro Tour since 2009, finishing second overall in his rookie year and going on to

23 May 2011

Hellaflush 8 pt.Infinity

Let me first start off by saying what a weekend. I think I just now got caught up on sleep. It started for me by flying up to Sacramento red eye Thursday. I drove my girlfriend and her E30 back to LA the next day late just to get home

23 May 2011

Green For The Clean: JZZ30 Soarer

I first saw this JZZ30 Soarer when I was invited to shoot another great project at Tuning Factory workshop. The car caught my attention with its clean look and low stance. After the whole day working with my camera I’ve had a talk with the owner Pavel Goncharov about the

23 May 2011

Concrete plans- Gore Design Co. & Concrete Cartel

I’ve been friends with Brandon Gore for a while now but haven’t made it down to his space/workshop/laboratory/concrete kitchen until NOW… Located in Tempe, AZ I headed on over to check out Brandon Gore aka Gore Design Co + his publication Concrete Cartel…. You might be wondering “Concrete, really like

23 May 2011

Open House & Paddock SALE!

On May 29th (THIS SUNDAY!!), we’re having our first ever Paddock Sale. Save huge on all the products we recently offered online and in our retail stores. up to 75% off! SALE starts at 8am and ends at 2pm. And from 2pm on, come thru with your whip and get

23 May 2011

Hellaflush 8 Coverage pt.2

Part 1 if you missed it. Here’s some more flicks of Hellaflush 8, Venice Beach. The majority of these photos were taken around 9am so if you came anywhere past 11am, you missed alot of the meet. There’s always next time. Thanks to everyone who got inspired by the cars

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