27 Sep 2011

Let’s get sideways in Texas…

The final round of XDC happened this past weekend in Texas, Chelsea Denofa reigned supreme and did it in top fashion, 1st place qualifier, 1st place overall, 1st place EVERYTHING! Congrats to all the drivers, fans, staff and sponsors good times with good friends in Texas… Arriving into TX… The

26 Sep 2011

Hellaflush Japan Tees & Snapbacks

Hellaflush Japan is coming soon, but we’re releasing this grey Hellaflush Japan Tee and Snapbacks a little early. The Grey tee is only available online while the White and Black Hellaflush tees are only available at the event. Check it out at our stores and online Emporium.      

26 Sep 2011

Improvisational cuisine… POSH

My wife & I celebrated our 9th year wedding anniversary last week so I surprised with where we’re going to eat… It’s maybe a metaphor for our relationship, ya never know what you’re going to get, it’s called POSH Improvisational Cuisine located in Scottsdale, AZ What you essentially do is

26 Sep 2011

Images ~ Photo Shoots

I have not attended any events in the past couple of months. Matter of fact, the last event I attended was the Nisei show in Little Tokyo. Stephanie & I have been shooting more car features. Here are some outtakes from those shoots.

Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 6.33.55 PM
25 Sep 2011

Solar Light Water Bottles

What a truly humbling and inspiring story. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOl4vwhwkW8[/youtube]              

Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 3.08.42 PM
25 Sep 2011

How To Make It In America with Luis Guzman

New York’s LES is a place like no other — hustlers, immigrants, rabbis and rockers but amidst the melting pot, one man stands alone — LUIS GUZMAN. Let Luis Guzman take you around New York’s LES and show you the ropes. Meet his friends: Justin Bieber, Mark Wahlberg, Kid Cudi,

24 Sep 2011

G35 Sedan Showcase

A friend and well known individual in the Fitment community Marcus Cooke put together a G35 Sedan Showcase at Venice Beach this morning. I only live a few miles down the road so I drove over early to get some snaps of the clean G’s coming through. The Sedan community

23 Sep 2011


Gravis’ Fall 2011 line-up features a few great pieces added to the lifestyle collection. The collection is great to get your grown man game on. After years of skating I’ve strayed away from the thick and often heavy skate shoes and moved towards more function and stylish kicks to complement