Last Saturday, Rotiform held a little show ‘n shine get together at the Tiki Bar in Sunset Beach, CA. There was a pretty good variety of cars there, but of course the biggest turnout came from those from Deutschland. Nothing like good group of Porsches to get things started. 

Rotiform’s FR-S was present, wearing some of Rotiform’s BLQs.

Also there was this serious,track ready Corrado. Not something you see every day.

Of course, not everything there was imported metal, such as this Vegas ready Cadillac…

…and this local Thunderbird. No other car seemed more at home at the Tiki Bar than this beach cruiser.

Though you couldn’t go wrong with choosing this Rabbit pickup to be your board carrier instead.

I’ll leave off with this rare Audi 50. Shame they never sold these in the US.