BLESSINGS+RESPECTS FAM. A few weeks back we were honoured to have participated in Duarte Design‘s 2nd Annual Art+Wine festivities where they allow designers in their agency to be inspired + partake in artistic crafts outside of their daily realm. This year they celebrated by taking in the visual and audio inspirations of the streets as brethren such as Seventh Swami and EXP1985 provided the musical flavour. And typographic + street artists SEZIO [NorCal], Alex Varanese, Cypher + Friends made up the visual back-drop for the entire event. SRxMM’s own DefDiggs blessed folks with a live Munny painting while providing insights on his own custom-painting passions. In all, 50 blanks from Kid Robot were in the house, as painting and sketching continued through the evening. A very special tribute installment, honoring Michael DREAM Francisco was present, as attendees were able to read and talk about the Bay Area Legend + Pioneer. This was made possible + curated by The Francisco + TDK Family.

So for those who were able to come, enjoy the sun, the sounds + the inspirations–MANY THANKS. To those who aspire to do such great inspiring workshops like the folks at Duarte Design, take heed of your creative ingenuity and create something memorable for designers+artistic individuals alike, within your area.