My friend Ryan’s DC5 is definitely one of my favorite local cars; he is sure to snap some necks everywhere he dailies it to. Although he has had this set up for quiet some time now, he is proud to say he was one of the first to run these wheels/specs on his car and even selected to be featured on the CCW website gallery.

Besides running a stanced set-up and a very clean body kit choice, Ryan’s car is painted a not very common Jade Green Metallic which makes it stand out even more from the crowds.


I am also proud to say that Ryan is is part of a small crew, which I am part of as well, called Dumped! Crew. As the name explains, the crew of friends is made up of slammed cars which are, for the most part, daily driven around the DMV area.




Mod List:

Full Mugen Lip Kit
20% Tint 35% Windshield
OEM Fog Lamps
ARC Front Spilters
CCW LM20’s 18×9 +28
10mm Spacers in Rear
5mm Spacers in Front
Project KICS Lug Nuts
Front: Function & Form Type II Coilovers
Rear: Tein SS-P Coilovers
Ingalls Rear Camber Kit
Progress Rear Sway Bar
BuddyClub Race Header
BuddyClub Pro Spec Exhaust
Misc. JDM Goodies
Full Black Interior Swap



– Sebastian