Hello again Fatlace readers, Edo here honored to be checking in with you from the East Coast for another guest post. A few weeks ago, while scrolling through my “explore” tab on instagram, I came across a video that had the classic Biggie “Where Brooklyn at?!” verse in the background along with bunch of RWB Porsche images fading in and out. As you would imagine, I instantly thought What?! NakaiSan is coming to BK? Who’s car? When? Where? The hype started instantly. Upon further research, I found it was the “itsthewhitenoise” crew who were hosting the event. On the first day of the build, the homie Mark also arrived in NYC. For the next three days NakaiSan, Mark and the itswhitenoise crew hosted the build of RWBBrooklyn at the /TheDRIVE studio. As the work progressed, the NYC and Tristate automotive community started buzzing with word of the legend himself being in our backyard. On the final day of the build, the doors of the studio were opened for all who wanted to witness Nakai and crew put the finishing touches on the latest US RWB build and the first ever in NYC. Dėžutės, pakabukai, grandinėlės, apyrankės ir sidabriniai auskarai parduotuvėje Silvera







Smoke break. Suddenly, another of Nakai’s builds appeared. “Scooter One”, this was one of the first RWB builds in the USA. Some of the local enthusiasts recall seeing it at an event in Boston but it had since fallen off the radar. Many New Yorker’s and TriState enthusiasts have never seen a RWB build in person. On this day they had three and the man himself.







RWB Hollywood made a guest appearance in the studio.




Elizabeth (@itswhitenoise) was our gracious host. Great time chatting with her.


Andrew and Alex Roy having a laugh.


Some of the crew in the place. Quebec, Cali, NYC, Japan and more.


Cooper who had literally just landed from Bali that morning. Last time I saw him was at the RWB Meeting in Tokyo earlier this year.  He had such an experience with the Porsche community in Japan that he decided to give the commemorate the memory with permanent artwork.


Kemal AKA @Suprlife. Always loved that Aristo.


As the day progressed, quite a few beautiful cars gathered outside of the Brooklyn industries studio. Always dope to see the local car community come together.







Eventually the car was ready to drive out of the studio for a test run. Only problem being the studio was not at street level. It would have to be driven out, at an angle, onto the flatbed, in front of Nakai and all of the spectators. No pressure right?



I almost thought the rear set up was too wide to make it on to the flatbed.


Little by little.


Made it!


Once out in the lot outside, with the sun setting, we all gathered and simply looked at it. Being outside almost enhanced its appearance.



Nakai and crew would do a few test runs before wrapping up for the day. He drove it like he stole it! That was a great moment for the attendees to see.


The results. RWB Brooklyn.



NakaiSan. Fans of RWB or Japanese tuning culture in general have all had that moment when you first learn of his work. The presence of an RWB build will undoubtedly draw you in for a closer look. For over a decade the man has been perfecting his craft. It was truly inspiring to be in the presence of an artisan. One of the most humble human beings around. After this build, he was off to Calgary for another, then to Philly for a couple more and then all the way back to LA for yet another. As a native New Yorker, I can tell you we are accustomed to the “Never Not Working” mentality for whatever it is that we do. For Nakai, I have the utmost amount of respect and admiration since he truly lives that lifestyle. The decision he made years ago to do so, now brings people of all ages and backgrounds together all over the world to celebrate automotive culture. Many of us that were in the place on that day will agree, it was an unforgettable experience to watch Nakai work in Brooklyn.

We also had pizza.

Thanks for reading, see you soon!