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As we arrived to pick up the first RWB Porsche ever built in the US, we were lucky to catch it on its dynotune. FFTEC of Hayward put a light tune before the Sema Show so we could cruise it around without having to scare anyone on the strip.

At only 6psi it pulled 398 to the wheels with 370 torque on the 964C4 (AWD). After Sema we’ll be tuning this to around 15psi shooting for the magic number 555. This car sounds amazing and scary. Its not as loud as my drift car but on the street, you really dont want it to be.

I bought this Porsche in 2007 after I saw a photo of Nakai’s RWB porsche only dreaming of doing something like it to mines. Today, I’m stoked to see his work done on not 1 but 3 cars in front of my eyes. Super inspirational.

TURN up the volume and watch it shoot out a flame out the rear wastegate.

Pardon the height and wheels, we needed to change em out for the tune. 🙂

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  1. Hey mark, the way it lurched forward at the end, was that just from letting off the throttle? Was there a pre determined automatic RPM shutdown? Crazy, should be enough power to cruise the streets of vegas.

    1. The reason for the lurch was from the rev limiter and fuel cut. Basically the car redlined at the end of the pull.

  2. Man you must be sooo luck to be bless by the people from RWB. This is my goal in life to own one of these cars! Congrats Mark!

  3. Can’t wait to see this thing! Are you going to be there? I will most likely be wearing a Washtenaw Community College shirt.

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