Nissan has possibly the most extensive “cult-like following” presence among the Japanese marques. Solidified with 3 major choices in terms of platform, the Z, R, and S-Chassis, builders are rewarded thru support from the aftermarket community.

For Fatlace’s Q3 2020 collection ” Legends of JDM“, the brand has constructed a pack which focuses on two automotive staples in Nissan’s history – the S14 and BNR32. Enjoy this gallery.

For this photo set, expect the cleanest examples from Japan, Guam, Bangkok, Manila and the USA.

Here’s an S14 we encountered 5 years ago at Fuji International Speedway during OKJP.

Here’s one of the crew favorites from that year’s show.

Possibly the cleanest S14 I’ve seen in person. An S14 Kouki from Thailand.

Tokyo Auto Salon never fails. Top Secret Japan showcased an entire fleet of Skylines during TAS 2019.

Golden hour in Guam.

A car that deserves a solo feature – the Garage Active R32.

Random parking lot find around Fuji Speedway.

An S14 Zenki taken during “Trio in Manila” – a collaborative meet between Fatlace, Super Street and Stance Pilipinas.

One of the few Skylines to be found in Guam.

Top Secret R32 in gold, only a few cars are to receive this paint scheme. The gold paint serves a Smokey Nagata’s signature of approval for a full build.

Static S14 in Guam which won countless of awards in shows.

Hectopascal’s S14 in Japan. Founded by Ty Okamoto, Hectopascal caters to Illest brand in Osaka.

Not actually an R32 as it’s an R35 underneath. Smokey Nagata’s personal build goes to show that the classic lines of the Skyline will always be a favorite.

An S14 driven at the track and meets around Tokyo.

Hikaru Motoda’s R32 with a Nismo N1 Kit.

An example that the S14 can withstand boundless takes on the aftermarket scene. This particular example infuses VIP styling cues with its own personal flair.

Taken at Daikoku Futo. No trip to this parking lot in Yokohoma is possible without encountering an S or R chassis.

Founder of Fatlace, Mark Arcenal, has proven that the S14 is limitless thru a variety of looks with his own personal build.

Built as a drift car, Mark’s S14 pays reference to the Fatlace DNA which started in sneakers, lifestyle and street culture.

An extension of the movement, this particular S14 showed homage to the brand’s love for graffiti painting.

Around 7 years, ago, Mark built a time-attack spec BNR32 in San Francisco. One of his dream cars while growing up, this R32 was sold to give way for several automotive projects. Only exclusive porn videos and only premium siterips to download from takefile filesharing hosting. Waintg for you.

Here’s a look at some of the shirts showing Japan references and the “Godzilla“.

Another design from the pack, the S14 paying tribute to the Fatlace Paddock. Check out the entire collection here: Fatlace Legends of JDM

Got an S14 or R32 submission? Feel free to submit through this link for a solo feature.

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