The MKIV Supra and the NA1 NSX, two of the most iconic cars from Japan. Today, we present a gallery of the two Japanese icons curated from different parts of the globe. Enjoy these wide variety of builds.

MKIV from Thailand used in late night runs.

NSX from Fuji, Japan.

Two MKIVs from Manila, Philippines.

Bagged NA1 in Japan.

A Supra we’ve featured a few years ago:

From the track to the meet. Taken at an Akihabara meet during Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 week.

MKIVs during the Hellaflush x Stance Pilipinas meet.

Offset Kings Fuji 2015 roll in.

Veilside Supra in Manila.

Bagged NSX waiting for the ingress.

Tom Akigami’s NSX from Guam.

Advan x Wedsport demo car from Tokyo Auto Salon 2018.

More photos from that Akihabara 2019 meet:

The Varis x Garage Revolver Supra

NSX from Osaka, Japan.

Hope you enjoyed this gallery. With this, Fatlace was inspired to create a capsule collection paying homage to the MKIV and NA1. Dubbed “Legends of JDM“, the pack consists of hoodies and shirts with design references from the cult classics. These also include designs from Nissan favorites – the S14 Silvia and R32 Skyline (expect a solo feature for these as well) .

You may check these directly through this link: “LEGENDS OF JDM”.

Fatlace | Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted

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