Rupesh is a guy who loves nothing more than old school J-tin sitting squat on the pavement.  Shakotan is a Japanese tuning style that has roots linked to ‘bosozoku’ and subtle tuning flares from the crazy ‘kaido racers’ that mysteriously troll the Wangan late at night.  It hasn’t spread like wildfire in New Zealand yet which makes this MkII one hell of an original car.

Imported from Japan in 08′ this MkII was altered to suit Rupesh’s taste before it hit the boat.  Narrower chrome bumpers, GC10 GTR front and rear spoilers, wheels, and the bonnet.

The MkII Grande has gone through a couple of evolutions to get to where it is now.  Although I’m sure you will agree it’s looking pretty darn good!

It’s not truly ‘shakotan’ unless you have the smaller details, a front mounted slimline oil cooler with braided-lines is perched under the front bumper.

The paint is original, such a 70’s colour!

Old school + shakotan + sakura, you can’t get much better than that!

The love is strong…

The stance is courtesy of BC Gold front and rear adjustable suspension with S13 front top hats and Endevour Engineering roll centre adjusters.  Squat!

This MkII doesn’t just look original, it is.  A factory brass radiator with polished top tank sits pretty in the front of the engine bay.

There has been a little swap around under the hood though…

The beating heart is now a 1jzgte VVTi, JZX100 powerplant.

Intercooler is all custom with custom piping as it was needed to be set back into the engine bay a bit…

The result, 226kw at the wheels on 13psi with full boost and peak torque knocking on the door at approx 2400rpm.

Jumping inside it’s all 70’s, original interior with a bubble shifter, momo steering wheel, and a Link G4 ECU hidden away in the glovebox.

As well as the customary ‘omamori’ from the rear view…

With the car being old school, Rupesh wanted something with that old school look, but new school feel so it’s like having the best of both worlds…

With this Toyota it’s all about the little details.  Train handle scrapes along behind and the boso pipes…

It’s not just a chrome tip either! In fact this car sits so low that it is quite the scraper…

The wheels are custom 15″x10″ SSR Longchamp’s, with a negative 26 offset all round shrouded in 195/50/R15 Bridgestone MY01.

From back on it has all the swagger of a old school shakotan.  Those shakotan pipes are custom 3″ including a dump pipe. Once you get right in behind you see the camber SKOOLN has, the rear was enhanced by some 20mm Race Evolution spacers.

KPGC front spoiler lip adds to the oodles of character this car already exudes.

It is certainly the apple of Rupesh’s eye.  ‘These old school Japanese cars have a lot of character and that’s what’s I love about old school cars, they are just beautiful’ he says with a smile.

Old school pride <3

Can’t help but agree with you on that one buddy!