18 Sep 2012

Sakura Shakotan

Rupesh is a guy who loves nothing more than old school J-tin sitting squat on the pavement.  Shakotan is a Japanese tuning style that has roots linked to ‘bosozoku’ and subtle tuning flares from the crazy ‘kaido racers’ that mysteriously troll the Wangan late at night.  It hasn’t spread like

15 Sep 2012

Sakura Shakotan

Cherry blossoms hold a special place in Japanese peoples hearts.  The ‘cotton candy’ flowers are only around for a week or so, and when Rupesh called me up with an old school ‘shakotan’ ride I knew right away that the ‘sakura’ background was the only way to go. The Japanese

02 Sep 2010

Fatlace Labor Day Weekend CarShow

SHAKOTAN Special Group Pricing Announced! See below for details. FATLACE is hosting a special Labor Day event this weekend. So in between all the BBQing and beach going, register to show your car at Shakotan. We’ll be giving out a Meister watch to the winner in each category. There will

06 Jul 2010

Shakotan by Fatlace & DSPORT!

Coming this September 4th, Fatlace along with DSPORT Magazine brings you the SHAKOTAN Auto Showcase! Click here to register.