This is my first blog since… – I can’t remember.  I haven’t exactly been public these last few months because, in case some of you didn’t know,  I was pregnant and just had a baby 1/4/13.  We named him “Arrow” (way before the TV show)!!!!  My good friend Serena Williams came to meet Arrow just hours after returning from the Australia Open.  We met at my BFF’s house – who is also Serena’s agent.  The lovely Val joined us too!

Now Arrow is so tiny that it’s going to be a while before he can hold a tennis racket, but he’s definitely strong enough and smart enough to hold Serena’s hand.

Serena came bearing gifts.  Hopefully aunties backstage pass means sitting in the player box at the Open this summer…  I see #red as a common theme for wardrobe here.

When fussy, Serena entertained Arrow with her alter ego “Summer”.

Serena was such a natural that multi-tasking with Val was second nature.

But Serena’s nothing less than a champion so I am not surprised.

No, – I am not her body double for the next Gatorade commercial!!  After dressing Serena for so many years she NOW wanted to dress ME!!  Serena gifted me her actual custom Nike tennis dress she wore at the Australian Open.  Now that is a HUGE honor from the greatest tennis player there ever was!!!!!!!!

This dress has some power.  Did you see that racket smash and the hefty fine attached to it?  Don’t sweat Sloane Stephens.  Always remember – only Serena can beat Serena!!

Like everyone, Serena fell so in love with baby Arrow that she actually mentioned us swapping day jobs.  I play tennis and she plays mom.  Arrow thought – WOW, these two are strange, and Mom – please stop embarrassing me!

Serena thought the baby was such a good look that she had Val take a few more pics and then scheduled a dinner with Kim Kardashian for more baby talk.

Auntie Jilly – AKA Jsmoll is the toughest agent/biatch in sports and entertainment – but when it comes to the baby she’s like butter.

Even Jill brought a piece of Australia back for baby Arrow!

Val and I caught up and made plans to give it another go at our singles game.

Serena even brought dinner!  She is really being special.

If you want a closer look at her iphone case – here it is.

“Her name is Shelia.  She’s a rescue, Mexican, and loves tacos” quotes Serena

As much as I love the dress and honestly have never been so honored – I don’t think I will be playing pro tennis anytime soon!  I asked Serena to sign the dress for Arrow.  We will frame it and hang it in his room.  This will make a great conversation piece for a lifetime.

Only 2 of these headpieces were made by Nike and we’ve been gifted one!  It’s no coincidence the headband is #orange with #arrow’s.

Arrow won this match in straight sets to Serena’s #love.  Now, Serena signs her signature heart with an arrow running through it.  See you at the next grand slam!