I wasn’t planning on going to this event. Honestly I didn’t even know about it till 2 days before the race. My friend Tony ask me if I was going and that night I emailed Ryan, from Shift S3ctor, and he approved me right away for a media pass. So I packed up my gear and headed to the new Coalinga Municipal Airport.

The first thing I noticed when I got to Shift S3ctor was these two Heffner twin turbo Lambos by OB Prestige. We’ll get to more of that topic later in the article.

As I walk around the parking lot to see what else was there I realized that this was not your average drag race.

Mazda with a LS1

Ford GT with its driver in the background.

As I make my way to the field, I hear this loud exhaust note from a distance. I got a shot of this GTR flying by. At that moment I knew this was gonna be something else…

This was the only wagon out there doing his thing. I give him some credit though. He was fast for a wagon.

And here’s some shots of the two twin turbo Heffner built Lamborghini that OB Prestige set a new world record for the 1/2 mile at 229mph… (with the blue one)

This is what 2000hp vs 800hp looks like.

… and thats what 229mph looks like. From what I heard he beat it on Sunday with 230.5mph but thats not official. There’s a video on my instagram if you click here.

Speed Society also brought out some cars to Shift S3ctor.

The 4 cylinders were out there as well and they weren’t messing around.


It must of been intimidating going against cars like this though.

GTRs are like Civics at Shift S3ctor… There were so many of them and they were all fast.

Here’s a shot of a 458 taking off. I believe that it belongs to Gold Rush Rally

She likes muscle cars… Just giving you guys a hint.

I heard you like burn outs… So I’ll just leave these here.

These will be the last few shots of the Lambos I swear… Sorry they are just so eye catching.

They just remind me of angry twin brothers trying to one up each other.

“Hey look a GTR!”

You just have to love this Mclaren MP4-12C.

You can see the heat waves coming from this Ford GT.

and one last shot of Speed Societys Lamborghini Gallardo UGR Stage 3 thats pushing out 1100hp…

Shift S3ctor was definitely an event I’ll remember. Being that close to those types of cars, cars that can reach speeds up to 230mph, I probably wont get to see for a while.

I hope you guys and girls liked the photos. It was a little difficult getting the shots but I made due with what I had at the moment. Here’s a behind the scene shot of why it was difficult…


Written by Kace
Photos shot by Max Nagano