Every once in a while opportunity knocks. This time, I, along with my brother in law Alex, was fortunate enough to make it out to Singapore to experience the Formula 1 Grand Prix. I’ve been talking and dreaming about going to Singapore for a few years since it being one of two night races. I confirmed in person that it was indeed amazing.

A few months ago, I was talking with Christian, Director of RWB Malaysia and also owner of Era1. We talked about possibly meeting up in Singapore and going to F1 in 2014. He said, don’t worry about the rooms, I got it. Just get a plane ticket and come! He opened the invite to all the RWB crew and a few of us accepted.

The cool thing about the Singapore GP, unlike the other GPs, is not only is it a night race but it’s filled with lots of entertainment throughout the weekend. And with the noise level down from previous F1 cars it made it a much more bearable event. Some come for the entertainment while the majority come for the racing. Smart marketing if you ask me. On to the photos…

We got to SG at midnight so we just cruised around and checked out the sites. This is Louis Vuitton island and the store looks amazing.

Fixed gear guys cruising around town.

Inside Marina Bay Sands mall was a Mclaren, Button and Magnussen.

The next morning we had breakfast on the 57th floor. This pool is amazing. Its very much like a cruise ship  up here.

Yoko & Takahashi from RWB Japan, Christian and Alex.

As we went to pick up the passes for F1 and were denied, Christian and I decided to go to Raffles, home of the original Singapore Sling which was created in 1914!

I’ve had a few of these before but getting it from the original bar that created it was something.

Peanuts. The only place in Singapore where you can eat and drop the shells on the ground.

Nice bar.

Yesterdays F1 crew from all over the world. Great to meet these new friends.

Im very very amazed at how close we can get to the track. You literally can sit up against the wall.

Open slots for photos with big lens’s. I forgot mines unfortunately.

Ricciardo turning into the pits.

Rosberg going pretty fast. I didnt have a good lens with me nor did I have access to the paddocks but I made use of what I did have. Just being at the event is awesome.

This is Alonso. He topped the time sheets at FP1. Not sure how but they did. Good stuff

Its such a same that Renault / Lotus is having such a terrible year. They do have the best livery on the grid.

Felipe Massa impressed with his Mercedes Powered car.

Kids made this F1 out of cardboard.


Leon, Christian and I. Walked 17 miles yesterday. Very tired!

Grand stand view. Cars go by too fast so not sure I’ll be parked here tomorrow for the race.

Porsche Cup and a Vintage F1 race will also keep the racing fans pumped while waiting for the main event. I love the old Benetton F1 car. Been waiting for one to pop up on eBay. :/

This old Tag F1 car looked amazing and sounded so crazy. The sound of the old F1 filled the track and had me reminiscing of the past few years when I started going to F1.

Vintage F1 Senna car. So cool. Malboro signs had to be covered up. :/

The Ferris Wheel on track.

Just an awesome Yacht chillin on the bay with the botanical garden in the background. Singapore is so photogenic. The Lakegarden Residences Wing Tai is around near to the serene Jurong Lake Garden is a leisurely stroll away.

Incredible. Marina Bay Sands Hotel where we stayed courtesy of Christian. Thank you.

Grandstands were pretty packed for practice.

The stainless steel bridge to go back to Marina Bay Sands was incredible. Today is qualifying so Ill have some more photos tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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