Last July 31, Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted held its third meet for 2016.  Established in 2009, the group has 33 gatherings to date since the first meet was held late in 2011.  These meets are very simple: a parking lot, a bunch of cars with the same passion for slammed rides. Attended by different local fitment groups to showcase their latest builds, it’s something I really look forward to every now and then. Here are some of the cars from previous meet.


As much as I want to blog about these meets, I have been very busy fixing parking spots, distributing merchandise, and entertaining guests. With this, I take photos straight from the phone for its social media accounts.

Here’s an S14 built in a very tasteful manner. Expect a feature on this one before the year ends.


For the third time in 5 years, we switched our location from our trusted venue, Grams/Turf parking lot – to a new spot in Uptown Bonifacio.  Would all meets be held at the new spot? No, we find Grams very memorable as this solidified the group, meets might be interchanged depends on the estimated number of attendees. Check out these builds from Buzz Hype, would love to feature them as well.


With the size of the lot tripling Grams’ overall space, the new lot is perfect for these meets.  Here’s Malone’s Genesis which I featured 2 years ago: Why Patience Pays Off 


Here’s a bosozoku-inspired Prelude from Static Crew.


One very passionate photographer who’s always present at all fitment-oriented meets in Manila is Kurt Babas of Instancegram. Keep it up!


Our previous lot, Grams is notoriously known to have very poor lighting after 7 PM.  With me being in the venue for more than 12 hours, including “peak” hours late in the afternoon, I find ‘after dinner time’ very relaxing. These are just perfect as I hangout and shoot some of the cars.


Established for drifting, Drive Hard Crew came in full force,  these guys are always 100% all-out during our meets.


A very promising drifter, Patrick Ng, bought his 2-month old Z33.


His brother, Stephen owns this very aggressive S14.


What’s nice to see is different types performance-oriented builds during the meets. These cars provide good “entertainment” to everyone as they roll-in /out of the lot.


Ian King / Car Porn Racing‘s E39 is timeless. I’ve seen this car from its very early stage 7 years ago. Looking at its best, the car sure turned heads that night as it was brought by Chepe Feliciano.


I will leave you with this photo of an E60 sedan, which I will also be scheduling a shoot soon.

Despite the bad weather, thanks to everyone who joined us during the meet. Hopefully I can take more photos of your builds to share here.

See you all soon, hope you enjoyed this one.

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