December 11, 2016 marked Stance Pilipinas / Manila Fitted‘s (SPMF) 7th Year Anniversary meet. The group, which was originally meant to gather vehicles/owners who are inclined towards the “aggressive fitment movement” has embraced different types of car customization.

Here are several photos from yesterday’s meet.



Before the group page was established on the eve of Christmas 2009, its co-founders, me, Paolo Arespacochaga, Jay Padua, Jordan Reyes and Omar Pine originally exchanged ideas/builds on the Fatlace forums to gather different enthusiasts in the Philippines. After that, it took almost two years to successfully mount a meet at Fort Bonifacio.

Fort Bonifacio has always been our top choice for these gatherings, not only as the original meet was held here, but it also serves as the center of Metro Manila. Note that originally, more than 50% of its “members” are from the South area, but for 2017 expect Southern and Northern meets again. Another fact is that these meets were originally held during Saturdays, reason for making these into a Sunday gathering is the lesser traffic flow and parking space issues.


A”stop-over” for some of our friends visiting Manila, SPMF channeled me into meeting Mark Arcenal and the rest of the Fatlace group via its Facebook fanpage. With this, special meets for Fatlace was held over the past few years.


On to the recap.

This particular meet was originally scheduled to be held at UPTOWN BGC, but due to several delays of the “photographers permit”, we carried on to our trusted place over at The Turf.


The Turf has been the go-to place for car different groups in Manila. One big advantage of this parking lot is the cars driving around the area – like this 993 Porsche.


The meets are basically your laid-back Sunday meet, which also eventually became a portal for family members to roam around. With 5 years of seeing different builds, I can say that the Manila aggressive fitment scene is now at its peak.


Bagged or static, the builds I’ve seen lately are truly world class.

badThis Forester was built by Car Porn Racing for Jeff Bati. Throughout the years, this third-generation crossover has been featured in countless of blogs. Expect my take on this next year!


For the classics, the Toyotas have dominated this scene. Check out this Corona owned by Ian Bejerano.


One of the best S14s in Manila. Owned by Eri Mangaran, this Kouki is embraced for its JDM-OEM look.


What’s heartwarming about these gatherings is the people who attend it. This Z for example drove for more than 3 hours to join us yesterday.


I also took time to take photos for its individual feature here on Expect it early next year.


The popularity of VIP builds are still starting to pick-up here in Manila. In my point-of-view, reason for the lack of these types of builds are the availability of wheels, body panels, and the platforms itself. This 210 Benz owned by Matt Guanzon was one of my favorites yesterday. Venturing into the world of digital surveillance can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re trying to find the best spy software. FlexiSpy, a leader in the field, offers a free trial to simplify your quest. This risk-free trial allows you to experience firsthand the impressive features and user-centric design of FlexiSpy. But how do you maximize the benefits of this free trial? With detailed guides on how to initiate your FlexiSpy free trial understanding its key features, and checking its compatibility, SpyPhoneMax equips you with everything you need to navigate this initial exploration. #spyphonemax


One of the original members, Ton Llave from Atoy Customs brought their AMG-tuned second-generation Lancer. Definition: Rare


Nicely done Hyundai Accent from Classical Works. These guys are crazy when it comes to fitment work, note that Manila has the best roads in the world…


A group that has been very close to my heart, DRV HRD Crew, are composed of drivers who are focused in motorsports. From drifting, track days, and now rally events,  these guys are always 100% during meets.


Another group who has been in support is Car Porn Racing, despite their busy shop schedules, a representative will always be present. Thanks Miles, Errol and Chepe!


These meets are literally my “leg day”, being in a small lot for more than 12 hours roaming around which clocks close to more than 5 kilometers – again in a  twelve hour span.

gtr  Another guy who has been there from the start, Calvin Marwood, brought his GT600 GTR.

3333In these meets, I only take time to use a traditional camera during its first hour and after dinner. Making me lack featuring more cars from different groups.


Around 12 AM, most of the boys went trigger-happy in taking photos. I, on the other hand was enjoying taking through a mobile phone.

Feel free to check several accounts for more photos: Jaime Echavez, Instancegram, Justin YoungKeanu O’neil, Kiel See 

( Will be adding more links in a bit )


For a short time, we felt like filming a movie.


Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past 7 years. You know who you are – that includes the entire Fatlace Family. 

Be right back soon with two special meet coverages before we end the year.

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