We live in an age where drifting edits are a dime a dozen, so it isn’t easy to stand out in the crowd among your peers, but there are a few people who remain on the forefront of shooting in a way that others can’t seem to capture. One person who appears to be in a league of his own, is a guy from England whose name is Stephen Brooks. If your somewhat in the loop when it comes to DRIFT then you have probably heard this name at some point in time. Most of Mr. Brooks edits are shot across the Atlantic on his home turf covering anything from Car Shows to The British Drift Championship / Series (BDC / for short). He has an innate ability to transform the most mundane into something totally epic, he also has a clever way of choosing the perfect music to accentuate whatever it is that his lens is focused toward, usually in dramatic dubstep style. In other words when Brooks is in the building you should probably step aside and watch the pro do his thang!
I am fortunate to be able to call Stephen Brooks my friend. Back in 2011 with the help of Karl O’Sullivan (Eric O’Sullivan’s older brother who now is working as Operations Manager, for the FIA World Rallycross Championship). We brought Brooks to NJ, for an edit on The Gardella Racing Team, where in my eyes at least, he knocked the ball out of the park. That edit was called “Drifting The Guantlet” and you can watch it right below.

DRIFTING THE GAUNTLET : Gardella Racing – FORMULA D from BrooksFILMS on Vimeo.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Brooks via email to let him know I was going to write a post in regard to the new video that he just shot in Irwindale for Team Achilles Radial, which didn’t seem to get the attention that I thought it deserved, because it is amazing. Brooks told me the only thing that I would really like to say is that his American journeys began with The Gardella Racing Team and for that he is grateful, he is always willing to come shoot in the US if anyone is looking for some insane footage & editing. It was awesome to have the opportunity to spend a few weeks with him when he was here, and I hope you enjoy this video that dropped about a month ago. I couldn’t help but share it on Fatlace. It is called, IRWINDALE – 4K FORMULA DRIFT // ACHILLES RADIAL // FINAL FIGHT 2014.

Brook’s Showreel is also pretty rad so I’ve also decided to include that, it’s obvious that his favorite cars are custom VW’s, and that he has a love for all things drifting. I can specifically remember him telling me how much fun he has when shooting drift edits, and I look forward to the next time we meet again, until then I’m glad we have the web so that I can keep up with all of his incredible work!