I havent gotten around to posting the ridiculous SuperILL event we had in Los Angeles just a week ago but since I’m in front of a computer in Indonesia, I thought I’d share with you my experience in Jakarta where we hosted the first of many SuperILL events outside of the United States.

First off, I’m not here to tell you that one country is more advanced than the most. I am here to tell you that I’ve been a huge fan of the way Indonesian’s have fixed up their cars since I’ve first seen an Indonesian style fixed up car back in the 90s. My old classmates from college all had super slammed and tucked AMG Mercedes Benz’s sans Airbags. It was amazing and crazy to see them running around SF super slow, scraping on everything without a worry. It was like seeing a laid out VW Bug but brand new Mercs. (For you sneaker collectors, it’s like seeing authentic Yeezy’s in your favorite sports teams color, Rare.)

Anyways, International Auto Modified via Mikee (from Bowls LA) invited Super Street and Illest to host the SuperILL event in Jakarta just a few months ago. Both Sam & I thought it would be a cool thing and we both made the trip including Brian who came with me last year to our event with the GoodRides folks. I’ve uploaded quite alot of photos so enjoy. Ill try to comment on some. Please comment below.

Japan, you’re next.


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  1. Great article! Indonesia def has unique way of building their machines, In saying that would love more info on the “RED W202 with the carbon overfenders” I have one myself and would be interested in the same fenders!

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