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02 Aug 2015

Team McFly…2nd Place!

The past month leading up to the Red Bull Flugtag 2015 in Portland, Oregon has truly been adventure (; but yesterday was unreal! Especially because our journey brought us all the way to 2nd Place and also the first team of the day to beat the 2008 Portland record of

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30 Jul 2015

Red Bull Flugtag 2015 – Go Team McFly!

This is it…what started off as a random idea has now escalated to this…Red Bull Flugtag 2015 in Portland, Oregon – Go Team McFly! Thanks so much for everyone’s support! Here’s how everyone can help our Delorean fly to victory this weekend! Join/share our group and view our progress

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19 Jul 2015

Busyness & Blessedness

Busyness…this may or may not be a real word, but it’s an appropriate description of my life since my last post (my Instagram is fairly up to date although not too much better).  In addition to busyness, we’ve been truly blessed in life! So besides work, here are the

09 Sep 2011

Nike Air Mag Commercial

Here’s the commercial for the Nike Air Mags that’s got everyone crazy bidding. Wait for the Christopher Lloyd appearance. [youtube][/youtube]

Back to the Future 2
08 Sep 2011

Nike Air Mag?

*******UPDATE******** It turns out these shoes will be released but only 1,500 pairs, all up for auction on eBay! Bidding starts tonight and will last until September 18th, unfortunately no power lacing, but it will light up and stay lit for 4-5 hours, before it needs recharging. The net proceeds