03 Apr 2015

Beyond the Breaks w/ B-Boy Kareem

FATLACE recently had the chance to sit down with young veteran B-Boy (Breaker), Kareem. In the interview below, Kareem talks about his early mentors, accomplishments, gives advice and insight, and also talks about his journey into becoming a physical therapist. (FATLACE) Go ahead and Introduce yourself man:  (Kareem): Yo, What’s

18 Aug 2013


I caught up with Illest sponsored popper, Morgan, today. Let me bring you up to speed. Morgan’s my goddaughter, and was with me when Mark and I first met. Our interview went off topic when it was revealed that Morgan and Mark had a lot in common, especially when it

08 May 2012

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…Again

I’m Anthony Nguyen and this is my first official post…on Fatlace.  Mahalos to Mark for this opportunity, and also previously posting my photos both on Fatlace and Hellaflush.  Originally from Garden Grove, California, I joined the Army and I get to see the world – especially the automotive world.  My

Picture 3
22 Jan 2011

VIDEO: Paris Metro Swaggers – Female Dance Crew

Wow. This video is amazing. Thanks Ladies Lotto for the head’s up!