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Busyness & Blessedness

Busyness…this may or may not be a real word, but it’s an appropriate description of my life since my last post (my Instagram is fairly up to date https://instagram.com/yaeantho/ although not too much better).  In addition to busyness, we’ve been truly blessed in life! So besides work, here are the reasons for our busyness and...More Please

We are currently looking for a few exceptional individuals to be a part of our editorial team.  Please review all of the details below and submit your applications to dsgn@fatlace.com


New Looks

Thought I’d share some new logo designs you’ll be seeing on product and accessories in the near future. The Illest tag. I’ve been wanting to do an illest tag for some time now. Fatlace Cursive. Much different from our last brush stroked cursive. Basically my handwriting.