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Growing With You: Ralph’s FC

Today it’s commonplace for smaller, low-slung vehicles to get lost in the sea of SUVs and sedan-sized “hot hatches”. Maybe that’s why Ralph decided to paint his FC orange so people don’t merge into him on the highway. “I did it simply because I wanted something a little different”, he insists to me when we caught up for a morning coffee by his Hoskins Auto workshop.

Limitless | Dale’s FC RX-7 drifter

When I received a text message a few months back describing a ‘tow car, trailer and drift car set-up’ that was in the process of being put together, I definitely had to re-read the message several times.  Was this guy actually going to have a van on Bentley wheels towing a modified trailer on a…

the purple canadians

Those funky purple painting, fender bender having, Drift Union guys are at it again. Logan Noel sent me a link to their crew lineup for 2011. Take the time to read a paragraph about their crew before you freak out cause their cars are purple. These guys are totally about having fun and drifting their…

Risky Devil FC3S

The Risky Devil crew always comes correct. Not only do they have the some of illest rides, they drive them hard as hell. Here’s a cool photo of a Risky FC at ASB. Photo: Nachtmensch