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Jeff Zwart x Pike’s Peak 2011

Colorado Springs – June 26 – Jeff Zwart, from Woody Creek, Colo., sliced more than 24 seconds off his Time Attack 2WD class record from last year, setting an all-time record for a street-legal car at Pikes Peak, but it wasn’t quite enough to beat mentor and old friend Rod Millen, who drove a full-blown…

Works: Jeff Zwart

Jeff Zwart Hill Climb Ranch from fatlace on Vimeo. WORKS: Jeff Zwart Photos by Mark Arcenal / Video by Phillip / 360vm When you google Jeff Zwart you get a number of results which made it difficult to have a focal point for the interview. Director, Racer, Photographer, Writer & Cameraman all popped up.. Thinking…

Congrats Jeff!

Jeff Zwart makes the Octane Reports Top 10 Biggest Motorsport Milestones Of 2010 with his Pikes Peak 2WD record with his Porsche GT3. Early 2011, we’ll be featuring Jeffs awesome ranch which houses a 1.7 Mile Rally course in his back yard!